How To Inspire

I'm Rob Hodgson and I help people from a wide range of different organisations exploit the power of the spoken word when delivering live presentations.

Creating an Inspirational Presentation


Ask the question - How am I going to bring this presentation to life?

How can I conceive the presentation in a way that captures the imagination of those I'm speaking to.


The ability to devise the best way to develop the narrative, the storyline, the words that you’ll use… and to exploit the special techniques of persuasion or rhetoric.


The ability to use your energy, your voice and your body to form an emotional connection with your audience.

How Do I Work?

If you need help in a specific area, I can help you create, write or present. If you prefer to start from scratch, I can help with all three.

Working With Event Agencies

I’ve spent most of my working life working in an agency environment so I’m pretty familiar with how things work.

I've seen many events where 100's or even 1000's of hours work are executed to perfection "on the day", but the standard of live presentation failed to do justice to the overall show. The investment in raising the standard in this critical area is often a very small proportion of the overall budget and represents a fantastic value.

I can work with individual presenters or work with a whole team.

I can offer the Inspire approach or simply focus on writing or presentation coaching. I’m happy to become part of your team, work with your creative ideas, ensure your clients stay on message and fully exploit the creative opportunities of your theme.

What qualifies me to Inspire?

I was MD and one of the founders of Mainstream, one of the UK’s leading event management companies which evolved into WRG. Whilst there I regularly presented to teams of up to 500 people.

Companies I have Helped to Inspire